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Gordon Kellenberger

Gordon G. Kellenberger is a painter and a potter living in the Historic Amana Colonies. Founder of the Amana Arts Guild and the Iowa Arts Workshops for artists and art educators. Kellenberger has lived in the Amanas all his life, a fourth generation native, leaving only to earn his degree in art education. Gordon and his wife DeAnna, who is an artist and teacher work out of their Wasch Haus Studio where they also make their home in a restored High Amana house built in 1863.

Artist Statement:
Art is a combination of nature and the human spirit; God gave us nature for inspiration, our spirit provides the emotion and passion. My inspiration comes from what I know best, the land of the Midwest. My passion is not merely to record that land but to push further, to ponder, to sift the sensations, to sense color, to explore the possibilities, the qualities and the relationships. I want to share not only what’s there but what ought to be there. 
My paintings are simple and common to all of us: landscapes, skies, buildings, and sometimes people. I like to do things in a series, it creates momentum and encourages things to happen. I am inspired by, simple yet interesting shapes, ever changing light and of course color. I enjoy the affects of color relationships, light - dark, bright- dull and warm- cool. The medium of pastel provides me with the immediacy and intensity I need for my work.......others who view my work may experience things in a new way!”