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Gallery Hours


OPEN Thursday-Monday

10 am to 4 pm

Saturday OPEN from 10am to 5pm CLOSED Tuesday & Wednesday

Extended hours during festivals, events and certain weekends!







Payment Methods

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Artist Registration

Inviting Plein Air Artists
to Participate in “FRESH PAINT 2019”
A open air painting competition/event in the picturesque Amana Colonies.
Register Below for $40 ($50 after August 1st)

Artists get 1 FREE dinner tickets with registration!!

Awards Party September 1st, 6pm at the Price Creek Center, Main Amana.
We will confirm your payment by email and then REGISTRATION PACKS can be picked up starting at 7am Friday August 30th at Catiri's Art Oasis.



Festival Rules and Regulations

Artists Paint Amana Labor Day Weekend, August 30th - September 1st

Early Registration:
$40 before August 1st, $50 after August 1st

-We are encouraging early registration, so that we can promote the event in a fuller capacity. This fee is non-refundable. Please call or email if you have any questions!

Artists packets will be available to pick up at 7am on August 30th behind Catiri's Art Oasis.

Catiri's Garden Patio Meet & Greet

7am to 9am

Artists can pick up their packets and enjoy coffee and pastries.

 Please send your early registration fee and dates planning to attend to:
Catiri’s Art Oasis, Box 55 Amana, Ia 52203 or call 319-622-3969. 

Or pay on-line by clicking button above.

Registration & Stamping :
- Friday Morning starting at 7:00am August 30th
- Enjoy coffee and pastries.
-Pick up your artist packet, sign in and get your materials stamped.
-This is optional, but a nice way for all of the artists to meet each other before going out to paint.
-Artist packets will be a Catiri’s Art Oasis all weekend and materials can be stamped anytime throughout the event.
Rules and Check-in Procedure:
-All paintings submitted for judging for this event must be created ENTIRELY and WHOLLY on site at the designated location in the Amana area, during the period of the event, August 30th - September 1st, 2019, in the true spirit of Plein Air painting!
- ALL ARTISTS MUST CHECK IN AT Catiri’s Art Oasis IN PERSON before heading out to paint.
-All canvases/boards/papers must be marked with the official Catiri’s Art Oasis’s Plein Air “Fresh Paint” stamp before painting begins. Only blank canvases/boards/papers will be stamped. There will be no limit to the number of stamps given to any individual artist.
-A map will be provided of the Amanas and outlines areas to paint. Artists must stay within the allowed areas only, and need to respect the privacy of any private properties in the area.
- Artists receive 1 ticket to the Golden Brush Dinner Party. Discounted tickets will be available for artists guests.
To be eligible for Judging/Awards Artists must:
-Artwork to be submitted for judging must be delivered to Price Creek Center between 10am to noon.  NO later than 12 noon  Sunday, September 1st.
-Artists must submit 1 painting for awards judging.
-Unregistered participants are ineligible for judging/awards.
-All work must be pre-stamped at Catiri’s Art Oasis.
-All work must be ready for hanging in the gallery. (Not necessarily framed, but ready to hang in the show, which will be exhibited and for sale, so presentation IS important.) 
-Sign Consignment Contract with Catiri’s Art Oasis.

Judging and Awards:
-Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 3 pieces of artwork. (The judge will be announced.)
-Last year over $10,000 was awarded through prizes and purchase awards.
Quick Paint/Paint Out:
Sunday September 1st from 2 pm to 4pm. This is an optional, extra event. This quick 2 hour paint competition is on location at and around Catiri's Art Oasis. At 4pm, artists have 15 minutes to display artwork for viewing.  The Catiri's will purchase one piece for their permanent collection, for $200.
Submitting Other works:
-Artists can submit any work painted over the weekend to be displayed for sale along with the Fresh Paint show.
-All works must have the 2019 Fresh Paint stamp.

-Artwork must NOT exceed 16"x24".

-We ask artists to only sell their work at the Awards Dinner on Sunday.  If someone wants a painting as you are painting it, PLEASE refer them to the gallery and inform them about the Awards Dinner.

Please contact us if you need more information:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.