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Dear Art Patron and/or Sponsor:

As Chairman of the Sponsorship Committee for the Catiri's Fresh Paint 2017, Plein Air Iowa in Amana Invitational, I am writing to respectfully request your valuable participation in this coming fall ’s event. The "Great Paint-out", to be held September 1st - 3rd, 2017, combines the strengths of all the Iowa’s incredible Midwest scenery to produce the most collaborative and comprehensive event in the region. Promotion for the paint-out will extend throughout the state and will target the art community in this region .

This event has become a premier Iowa art event encouraging visiting art enthusiasts to attend, who appreciate and value the history, culture and the natural wonders of our Midwestern communities. This Plein Air event is not only educates the public on painterly techniques and the art of painting directly from location, but it is also promotes an appreciation of our Iowa landscape and creates a cultural experience in Eastern Iowa. What a better place for artists to render the beauty of the Iowa landscape, than in the historic Amana Colonies. Grant Wood came to Amana and painted plein air! We have created an event that brings prestige to our area, as a place of art, cultural and beautiful landscapes for all to enjoy. To make this event a success we are asking for your help. Any donation would be greatly appreciated! The better the prizes this year, the more we encourage the growing number of artists and allow the excitement of the event itself will really flourish.

For more information call 319-622-3969 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.